Fitness & Strength Classes


Becoming physically fitter and stronger has made such a profound difference to my whole life including my mental health and my working life – helping me realise my own strength, abilities and dreams. Jacqueline Kama

We believe that fitness and strength are an integral and essential part of living a full, happy and healthy life. Beyond the physical benefits of an active life, creating your optimal body enhances your whole being. A stronger mind. A clearer focus. A new perspective. Challenging your body to ditch the excuses, adopt a new mindset, try new skills and push yourself beyond your own limitations is one of the most liberating, empowering, beautiful things a woman can do.

Refresh is introducing a very special program in 2015: 10-I-Can. The brainchild of Refresh founder, Jacqui Kama, 10-I-Can is grounded on her own life transformation – from one of excuses and obesity to fitness and strength, and living a life of love. Equip yourself with the tricks and tools to fight your fears, harness your inner power and create the best version of “you”.