Mind Body & Spirit Classes


With Refresh, I wanted to provide women with the services and resources to transform their lives. To replenish, rejuvenate and reinvent. Jacqueline Kama

Refresh is not just another beauty salon. At Refresh, beauty reflects from the inside out. Our services, workshops and classes are carefully designed to give you the insight and knowledge to be your best “you”.

We believe that true beauty is far more than skin-deep. A real transformation occurs when we access self-love and growth – by accessing our deeper layers of thoughts, beliefs and memories which unconsciously influence our behaviour and decisions. When we let go of limiting memories or self-beliefs, we can begin to recreate ourselves and the life we truly wish to lead.

Invest in “you” with our classes and workshops to give you the tools to start creating and living a life you love. With guest speakers and a varied Calendar of Events, there’s something to suit everyone – whatever your goal or journey.