Skin & Beauty


My 20+ years in the beauty industry have afforded me the luxury of valuable insider expertise in how to continue to look good and feeling great well into your 40s and beyond.Jacqueline Kama

Ageing is something that none of us look forward to, but it’s an unavoidable truth. With so many new treatments, gadgets, lotions and potions available today, we seem to be chasing the impossible – halting the ageing process and aspiring to unachievable benchmarks of youth and beauty.
At Refresh, our mission is to educate and support women to be kinder and more accepting of themselves and their own true beauty. We refuse to play into false representations that distort our vision of beauty and what is deemed “beautiful”.

We believe that a healthy mind and body along with healthy looking skin is, and should always be, the basis of what constitutes looking good – way before we reach for the needle.
All our treatments are delivered by highly experienced technicians, and are the result of years of industry expertise. We invest in education, training and research to offer leading-edge treatments, products and services that enhance your glow, target problematic areas and resolve your beauty concerns – delivering lush, healthy skin that glows beyond the salon experience.