Ultra Protect Range

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Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser Range

Effects of UV Radiation on the skin

Photoageing is the premature ageing of the skin due to repeated excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV rays). It is extremely prevalent in Australia, due to the harsh climate and an outdoor lifestyle.

Photoageing can be characterised by the following visible signs of skin ageing:

Skin cancer is a disease of the body’s skin cells. It forms when skin cells are damaged by UV radiation penetrating the skin. UV damages skin cells’ DNA and this can cause cells to mutate and grow abnormally. If these mutant cells are not destroyed through the body’s own processes orother means, they will continue to develop and can turn into skin cancers.

Optimal Sun Protection for an Active Outdoor Lifestyle

SunActive SPF 50+ Range

Optimal Sun Protection for an Active Outdoor Lifestyle
The SunActive SPF 50+ range features complete UVA•UVB spectrum sunscreen ingredients to provide the highest UV protection* with 4 hours water resistance, antioxidant protection and touch-dry technology for a shine free velvet finish.