Refresh Essentials

Why do I stock a range of health
products in a skin clinic?

I started the concept for refresh over 5 years ago now, long before other clinics or skincare brands started recognising the correlation between inner and outer health and looks. We only stock a small range here and the range changes as my awareness and needs do, e.g. I have just changed the green tea bags to matcha powder. Although the matcha (in my mind) tastes really average, the health benefits are second to none as they are enhanced by hundreds of percent compared to green tea. The stock we hold here at refresh is what I mostly use daily. If I don’t use it daily I really notice a difference in my energy, my sleep, my skin and my general well being. I am not a nutritionist, a health expert or any of the above. What I am is a woman who wants to look good and feel great daily and for these reasons I have chosen to incorporate these everyday essentials into my life.

When I am lacking energy I don’t get to fully be me and live life the way I want to. It is imperative that I look after myself and use plant foods and minerals to reenergise, restore and renew my body.

Jacqueline Kama