Factor 4

Factor four is fast becoming one of the most talked about treatments and products on the high end skin markets today. It is a new generation platelet rich plasma (prp). Although some refer to it as a PRP product its results and differences should not mistakingly be compared. I will point out and explain some of the differences to you below so you have a better understanding.

Some of its key, stand out features and benefits are as follows: Factor Four is an autogulous serum meaning it is derived purely 100% from your own blood with no foreign additions such as other products on the market today. Although this may or may not bother you it is definitely nice to know you are working with your own organic matter. It enhances the plasma growth factors within the blood four times its self. This is due to the ground breaking research and technology contained within the tubes that encapsulate the blood once it has been drawn from the client/patient.

Unlike PRP it is an anti-aging serum due to an added filtration system and procedure that the plasma goes through after it has been incubated for 6 hrs and spun. Factor Four enhances your own bodies ability to produce collagen where it may be showing signs of aging such as fine lines and deeper wrinkles, sagging skin lacking vitality and elasticity just to name a few. It also assists in minimising age spots and pigmentation due to its restorative and renewing abilities both intrinsically within the skin and extrinsically. There are many ways of administering Factor Four. Here at refresh we have achieved exceptional results through the application of applying the enhanced growth serum and then needling over the top of it creating channels for the serum to enter deep into the skins tissues. We complete the treatment by massaging in the remaining plasma serum followed immediately after with a further treatment using leading LED technology by OMNILUX.


We are currently in the process of furthering our own personal trials with Factor Four using an additional application which requires the growth serum to be injected into areas of concern e.g. checks, eyes etc prior to the needling procedure. We will be sure to add this into our treatment as soon as we have confirmed the results and added a price point that we believe matches its results as well as the refresh philosophy that every woman should be able to afford great looking skin.

How do I prepare for the extraction of my serum?

Preparation for the FACTOR4 treatment is fairly straight forward. Reduce or avoid alcohol consumption the night before as this can dehydrate you and increase the risk of bruising during the treatment. Consume 2 – 4 litres of water in the 24 hours before you come in to have your blood taken to ensure you are nicely hydrated.

How much blood is extracted?

You will require 3-4 FACTOR4 treatments, these are usually given at a 1-2 week intervals. In order to allow the required amount of serum, 2-4 x 10ml tubes will be taken followed by centrifugation, serum extraction, and filtration. The serum is portioned and stored ready for your next appointments. FACTOR4 is then used to treat your areas of concern.

How is factor 4 produced?

FACTOR4 is generated in technologically advanced tubing. Your blood is processed using advanced technology. The 6 – 9 hour incubating process separates and produces super concentrated growth factors from your blood serum. The serum is then spun and filtered to purify and refine your serum, making it four times richer.

How much serum will be collected?

Between 10-20mls

What to expect after a Factor 4 treatment?

Skin redness can persist for up to 24 hrs, very occasionally this may last for 2 days. You may also have mild bruising or swelling around the eyes and lips, as with any clinical procedure.

Can I return to activities after a FACTOR4 treatment?

It is suggested that you limit your activities after your treatment, to avoid sweating or increasing the possibilty of swelling or bruising. It is also recommended not to apply make up or wash the treatment area for 12 hours.

Is Factor 4 mixed with any other liquids?

FACTOR4 is truly an autologous system and is not diluted with any liquids keeping it free of additives or extra enzymes that the body has to process. It is completely natural and extremely rich in growth factors allowing for the layering of new collagen structures.