If you haven’t already heard yet, we are closing off our memberships on the 31st July! Membership intake will not reopen till the 1st of November! What does this mean? If you are not yet a member here at Refresh you miss out on the huge savings our members receive!

Here is a price comparison for Members & Non Members:

Maintenance Membership:(M)

Members Price: $80 (M) $134 Non Members
Neck & Chest Upgrade: $39 (M) $59 Non-Members
Omnilux Upgrade: $29 (M) $49 Non Members

Treatment Includes;

  • Deep Ultrasonophoresis Cleanse

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Vita Clear/ Repair Skin Workout

  • Ultrasonophoresis Vitamin and Mask Infusion

  • Treatment Serums and Cream Application & 50+ SPF

+ Free Monthly Eyebrow Shape (12 Month Members)

Skin Needling Treatment:

Members Price: $149 (M)
Non Members Price: $279
Chest Upgrade: $79 (M) $99 Non Members
Neck Upgrade: $29 (M) $49 Non Members
* Neck Upgrade is free when combined with Face & Chest Treatment
Hand Upgrade: $29 (M) $49 Non Members

Both our memberships are capped per salon! If you are not a member once our memberships are at capacity you will be placed on a waiting list until a membership becomes available and all treatments are charged at full price.

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