If you haven’t already heard yet, we are re-opening¬†our memberships on the 1st March! What does this mean? If you are not yet a member here at Refresh you miss out on the huge savings our members receive!

Here is a price comparison for Members & Non Members:

Maintenance Membership:(M)

Members Price: $80 (M) $134 Non Members
Neck & Chest Upgrade: $39 (M) $59 Non-Members
Omnilux Upgrade: $29 (M) $49 Non Members

Treatment Includes;

  • Deep Ultrasonophoresis Cleanse

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Vita Clear/ Repair Skin Workout

  • Ultrasonophoresis Vitamin and Mask Infusion

  • Treatment Serums and Cream Application & 50+ SPF

+ Free Monthly Eyebrow Shape (12 Month Members)

Skin Needling Treatment:

Members Price: $149 (M)
Non Members Price: $279
Chest Upgrade: $79 (M) $99 Non Members
Neck Upgrade: $29 (M) $49 Non Members
* Neck Upgrade is free when combined with Face & Chest Treatment
Hand Upgrade: $29 (M) $49 Non Members

Both our memberships are capped per salon! If you are not a member once our memberships are at capacity you will be placed on a waiting list until a membership becomes available and all treatments are charged at full price.

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